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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with Workipelago? How does it work?

You can book a desk hourly or for the full day. Sharing a desk between several people on a regular basis is also possible. Booking can be done on the floor view by selecting the desk you want to book for up to 90 days ahead.

Absolutely! Meeting room booking is done similarly to the desk booking. You select the room, pick the date and time, name the meeting and book it.

You can define a check-in window and enforce people to check-in by scanning the QR code (generated by Workipelago). If they don’t check in within that window the booking drops and the desk becomes available.

Yes. This is possible for Enterprise plan customers. Integration is done with Azure AD and all bookings are synchronized to avoid double booking.

All companies can choose to integrate the calling, chatting and meeting invitation with Microsoft Teams. Workipelago is also available as a Teams app. Simply add the app from the App source to your Teams account.

Yes, indeed. Workipelago is a flexible and modular solution. You can customize the company and user profiles to work with the tools of your choice. Deeper integrations are possible for Enterprise plan customers.

Great question! Future of workplace is moving towards flexible workspaces and Space as a Service contracts. Our multi-tenant architecture enables customizing the platform for co-working spaces.
It can be deployed for bookings and reservations as well as to build and facilitate a community.

Of course! You can appoint admin users who will have access to the admin panel, manage floors, add or remove desks, invite users, manage bookings and etc.

You can learn about this on the Pricing page, or simply Contact us to get a quote for your exact requirements.